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Why is that for 2 years (weekly) one of Fuel Directs leadership members reported his fuel savings on a vehicle he never owned in present tense, yet spoke, "I drive a ...." ???

The truth of a false claim can be viewed at the State of MN Attorney General's permanent file.Theft by deception is illegal, and it is time for those in leadership positions at Fuel Direct to be at ALL times (as Jim Rohn recommends) be honest, and not induce prospects to purchase distributor packages.

If it really works for the consumer, why is a LIE part of the Big Story promoted by it's Rank and File in Saphire Summit Training?

Review about: Fuel Savings.


Blaine, Minnesota, United States #668341

Why does the National Trainer for Fuel Direct boast of great riches he is presently earning on his Saphire Summit Training group page DESPITE the reality (truth) AMEN ROOFING was shut down by the Attorney Generals Office?

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